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Banks thoroughly verify their clients and if they have any doubts regarding your credit worthiness and reliability, they simply will not grant you a loan. If a bank has rejected your loan request and you need money urgently, you can apply for a loan from private individuals.

Unlike banks, private creditors are not as interested in how much you earn or whether you have had problems with loan repayments in the past. They will lend money to you usually immediately and in cash.

Disadvantages of loans from private individuals

A disadvantage of loans from private individuals is the high cost of borrowing. Interest rates are usually much higher than with loans from banks. A private individual lender may also require in exchange for lending money that you pledge your house or apartment as collateral or that you sign a bill of exchange. Therefore, you should carefully consider accepting such a loan and should borrow from a private individual lender only as a last resort.

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Within the loan market we can meet many inconveniences and complications. How to avoid them you can learn here.

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